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Wow! Cathy --- so happy to see you are still putting paint to canvas. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love your style - you are there...
Teresa Repp - 17 Nov 2014
I hope your gallery show is doing well! Can't wait to see it. :)
Stacey - 29 Aug 2014
Cathy, your work is so beautiful!
Leslie - 7 Aug 2014
Oops I didn't finish my last comment before I hit return which seems to auto send. Anyhow I was saying I LOVE the water in the Fish Hawk at Kootenay Lake and the Sunset Paddle. You have totally captured this. If you ever feel inspired to spend some time in Vancouver and paint anything to do with the ocean ie. English Bay, the seawall, Stanley Park with the ocean in the background, etc. I am your buyer! Love Glenda
Glenda Montgomery - 2 Jan 2012
Hi Cathy: Great website. I will be checking on it periodically.
Wendy Nowicki - 11 Dec 2011
WE just spent a wonderful few minutes walking through the creative paths of our dear friend Cathy. thanks Cath for such a treat! Your work is as wonderful as you. hugs, Marg and Ken
Marg and Ken - 2 Sep 2011
Hey Cathy, thanks for tuning me into your website - awesome! I look forward to perusing this and your updates and have added this to my "favourites". Congratulations on all your wonderful artwork. I am happy to have purchased "A Boy and a Puddle" for Roxton. I didn't see my favourite painting in the gallery, the one I dubbed "Tranquility" that hangs in your dining area - where I can follow the path up the hill to the tree at the top and as I do so, I become very tranquil and at peace. There is something beautiful about that painting that just relaxes me! Will you be adding this?
Glenda Montgomery - 27 Aug 2011
Well done gal. Missed you at the lake this week. Donna
Donna Dion - 21 Jul 2011
Congratulations on your new website Cathy! Will look foreward to following your creative adventures. MaryAnn
MaryAnn Bidder - 24 Apr 2011
Way to go Cathy!
Diane Bur - 22 Apr 2011
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